Volleyball is one of the most popular games for people of all ages in which wagers are usually placed on the outcome of games, not individual player performance. This means that predicting the winner is the only important factor in volleyball online sports betting, since scores don't affect them in most cases.

The two game types are beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Each side occupies one side of a central net, and the ball is not allowed to bounce off the ground. When one team makes a mistake, a point goes to the opposing team. A team can also win points for its own gameplay.

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The Basics of Volleyball Betting

The Basics of Volleyball Betting

Volleyball has been popular worldwide among players, spectators, and sports bettors. The fast-paced game is appropriate for cardio exercise, amusing to observe, and an exciting sport to gamble on live and pre-game.

In this sport, wagers are generally placed on a game’s outcome, not a single player’s performance. This places significance on predicting the winning team, since scores generally don’t affect most occurrences.

There are two different types of volleyball: beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. To play the game, each team takes a different side of the net, and players are required to hit the ball over the net, never letting it touch the ground. A team wins a point when the other makes a mistake or by their own gameplay.

Solid knowledge of the game and a reliable betting strategy are just two elements that can help contribute to your success level when it comes to getting a payout. Success in the long term is not easy, but it is undoubtedly achievable if you apply yourself correctly.

Throughout this guide, we will outline what betting on volleyball entails. It will also offer tips and strategies, which should help shape your betting game.

The Basics of Volleyball Betting
What Is Volleyball Betting?

What Is Volleyball Betting?

Matches are played in sets that have a specific number of points. The first team to get 21 points is the champion in indoor volleyball. For beach volleyball, a team must achieve 25. Points can be obtained if the ball bounces on the ground of the opposing team's area or if a ball is hit out of bounds.

If a member of the opposite group hits the central net, the volleyball is not sent back over the net, or if an opposing team member catches the ball, points are won. In addition, if there is a boundary line violation by the opposing team while serving the ball, they will score a point.

Volleyball betting has continued to grow in popularity, noted by the number of international tournaments and the growth in bets. It is now an extremely popular sport worldwide, with increased volleyball betting websites available for people to place bets.

People are also more familiarized with the game, which has led to gambling on it more frequently. The popularity of volleyball betting is increasing due to the availability of more online casinos, TV broadcasts, and other media coverage of the sport.

Presently, online sports betting has made gambling on volleyball even more widespread. Individuals can risk in overseas betting businesses and acquire their winnings immediately. Betting companies have also extended markets by offering live in-play betting, cash-outs, and virtual volleyball games and leagues.

What Is Volleyball Betting?
How to Bet On Volleyball

How to Bet On Volleyball

Gambling on volleyball has been about since the early 1900s, when bettors could wager on sporting events, including volleyball. Most bettors who may have made wagers back then were affluent aristocrats or politicians; however, no records of any games being played for money exist.

Why is this the case? Well, it may be because it's not quite as intense as sports like basketball or baseball. However, nowadays, it continues to increase in popularity, especially with young people. It's easy to find different websites offering volleyball betting.

Moreover, it is a more inexpensive form of gambling than more costly sports, including soccer and football.

Here’s the breakdown of betting:

  1. Sign up with a betting site that offers volleyball betting and make a deposit.
  2. Choose the volleyball event you wish to bet on.
  3. Pick the team you wish to bet on.
  4. Select a stake amount.
  5. Place a bet.

Betting for indoor or beach volleyball is very similar. A few sports betting tips for different types of bets include:

  • The simplest betting type is where a player bets on the team they think will win the match. There are two teams per game: home and away, marked as 1 and 2. After selecting the odds, a bettor can place a wager by joining the stake.
  • A more exciting bet is one in which there is a handicap, which is used to raise the odds in a match that favors one team.
  • A third type is where a bettor can wager on the points scored in the entire game's term. Another variation is where the volleyball bookmaker gives a specific number, and a player must anticipate whether the number of complete sets will surpass or be smaller.
How to Bet On Volleyball
Calculating Volleyball Betting Odds

Calculating Volleyball Betting Odds

Moneyline bets are for players who want to wager on which team will win the game. It is can have three different formats: plus/minus, decimal, and fraction.

When it comes to newer players, plus/minus odds can be harder to grasp. However, they quickly become the favorite of most bettors. A positive number indicates the underdog, and a negative number is for the favorite.

For the underdog, the number is how much a player can win on a $100 bet. The favorite is how much a player must risk to win $100. For example, say a player is watching a game between the Chicago Icemen and the Phoenix Ascension, and Chicago is -150 and Phoenix is +140.

Chicago is calculated to win, so a player would need to bet $150 to win $100. Phoenix is the underdog, so a player betting $100 would get $140.

Decimal odds are expressed by a decimal number, such as 2.55. This means that whatever a player bets is multiplied by 2.55, which they will receive if their bet wins.

Fraction odds are confusing and look like 11/1 or 21/38. The number on the left represents the amount a player can win, and the number on the right denotes the share a player must risk. For example, 10/1 odds would pay $100 for a $10 bet. This format is typically only used for more considerable bets, but a player may see it from time to time in the moneyline.

For a simple breakdown, betting odds are the numbers of a percentage of a challenger. For example, if a player has odds of one (favorite), the game is easier for them than for a player with odds of 10.

This means that for bettors, the bigger odds, the more they will win. So, betting on an underdog is high risk; therefore, the returns are better.

Moneyline odds have a "+" or "-" sign before the numbers. Favorites have "-" odds while underdogs have "+" odds. A victor obtains their stake plus the quantity indicated on the moneyline.

Calculating Volleyball Betting Odds
Volleyball Betting Types

Volleyball Betting Types

There are several different bets a player can wager on in volleyball. Read on to learn more about them.

Match Bet

A match bet is a wager on which team you think will win the match. You must first head to a sportbook and identify the volleyball competition you want to bet on to place a match bet. Then, locate which game you want to track. Here, you can see the "home" team on the left and the "away" team on the right.

Volleyball does not have draws, so you can only bet on one team. When you're ready, click on the odds, enter the stake you wish to bet on, and then click "Place bet." If your team wins, you win!

Handicap Betting

A handicap is a bet within the match, helping make the game more engaging. The handicap is used in sports betting to increase the odds on a one-sided game. So, a sportbook will create a handicap where a team will need to win with a select deficit. You can bet on the Icemen to win with a -2.5 handicap, which means they need to win the game 3-0 on sets for your bet to win!

Total Points

You can also bet on total points in indoor and beach volleyball, where you guess how many points will be scored throughout the game. Remember that indoor volleyball matches run to five sets, while they only run to three sets in beach volleyball.

There are also these betting types:

  • Total score
  • Set betting
  • Tournament bets
Volleyball Betting Types
Understanding volleyball betting odds

Understanding volleyball betting odds

  • Decimal Odds: Once you have placed a bet, the expected return is reflected in decimal odds. This will show you your stake as well as profit.
  • Fractional Odds: The amount that you may win is shown as a fraction, which in turn depends upon how much you bet.
  • American Odds: The number will be either positive, showing the expected profit on a bet, or negative, showing how much you should bet to earn a certain amount.

The game is affected by probabilities. These are expressed as percentage figures, which means that a 50% probability is 0.5. If 4/6 is given as the probability, it means 60% chances of winning, i.e., 6 divided by the sum of 4 and 6.

Understanding volleyball betting odds
Don’t Bet on Hype

Don’t Bet on Hype

Because volleyall is a very popular betting sport, it’s easy for a bettor to bandwagon on the wager of another better, believing that they must know the ins and outs if they’re betting on this sport. However, that’s not always the case.

It’s important for bettors to gain their own knowledge of the game and the current match-up and not follow what the crowd may be speculating. Just because the crowd may be cheering one name does not mean that’s who will win the match.

It’s also important to recognize that while stats and playing styles are important, each team has its own strengths and weaknesses. This means that while one team may have won its past 10 matches, if it’s up against another team with a different playing style than it has, they may lose.

When bettors are looking at their odds, they have to consider different playing styles and whether two teams have gone head-to-head in the past.

Key Takeaways

  • Brush up on volleyball teams and their stats
  • Be sure to know the different betting odds
  • Consider both indoor and beach volleyball matches to bet on
Don’t Bet on Hype
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