Best 10 Bank Transfer Bookmakers for 2024

Bank transfers are today viewed by many as an outdated method of making payments. However, most banks have made huge strides in modernizing their services. The speed of transactions, for instance, is almost instant in many cases. Payments are also safe, private, and secure. For these reasons, bank transfers are still popular payment methods on betting sites. Older players prefer them because they are more accustomed to them too. The ease of transacting is also lovable.

Best 10 Bank Transfer Bookmakers for 2024
How to Deposit via Bank TransferHow to Make a Withdrawal Via Bank Transfer
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If you intend to use bank transfer as the method to run your betting account, you should not feel underserved. You will enjoy most of the benefits that digital payment users get and probably a few more, like the low risk of your details getting compromised.

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How to Deposit via Bank Transfer

How to Deposit via Bank Transfer

You can connect your betting account directly with the bank. Be sure to remember that if you are depositing via bank transfer, you have to give all the details needed to carry out the transaction correctly.

This includes your name, account number, and the sort code of the bank account where you want to deposit the funds. Follow the following steps to make a transaction via the bank transfer.

  1. Log into your betting account
  2. Click on the "Deposit" button at the top right of the screen of the platform
  3. Insert your payment details and check them for the correctness
  4. Press "Make a deposit.
  5. Proceed to confirm the transaction
  6. Your deposit has been made to your betting account

When making a transaction via the bank, be sure to include all essential details. This includes your email address, name, account number, and sort code. Some banks have dynamic fees for international transactions that change depending on what you transfer money to or from. You can avoid this by using a bank located in your country of residence.

The daily deposit limit on most betting sites is up to $2,000. This, however, can be increased after several successful transactions.

Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer is a secure payment method. It can also be done both from home and on the go with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For deposits, this method is almost as fast as digital transfers.

How to Deposit via Bank Transfer
How to Make a Withdrawal Via Bank Transfer

How to Make a Withdrawal Via Bank Transfer

The betting house cannot just credit your account with the sum you want to withdraw in an instant. After you initiate a withdrawal, they have to wait for the payment to be confirmed by the bank. When using this method to withdrawal funds, again ensure that your details are correct before clicking 'Confirm Withdraw.' This will help to avoid delays or errors during processing.

The procedure is the same as making a deposit. The only difference is that, in this case, you need to press "Withdraw" instead of "Deposit." Also, input your bank account details and follow the steps to complete your withdrawal.

It usually takes between two and three business days to receive confirmation from your bank that funds have been deposited. The daily withdrawal limit varies from one betting site to another and from country to country. The limit also depends on your bank's regulations.

Only bank transfers from the same name as your account are valid and should not incur any delays or problems. Although you may want to remain anonymous when signing up on your website, this might cause problems during transactions.

As mentioned earlier, you can use your mobile phone to make deposits and withdrawals with a bank transfer. Many banks allow you to transact through a browser, whereas others have dedicated apps that make payments even easier.

How to Make a Withdrawal Via Bank Transfer
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