Best 10 Neosurf Bookmakers for 2024

Neosurf was founded in France in 2004. It has more than 350,000 customers across more than 40 countries.

It is a widely used payment mechanism in France, Australia, and Canada and is a valid payment method for thousands of sites worldwide. Upon signing up for Neosurf, players get a Neosurf card. Prepaid vouchers can also be purchased at 150,000 convenient sites around the world, like newsstands, gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, internet cafes, and more.

Some of the main benefits of choosing Neosurf are a great mobile app, quick deposits, better budget control, and qualifications for welcome bonuses.

Best 10 Neosurf Bookmakers for 2024
How to make a deposit with NeosurfMaking a withdrawal with Neosurf
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How to make a deposit with Neosurf

How to make a deposit with Neosurf

There are multiple ways to make a deposit into a Neosurf account, all of which are convenient and quite intuitive.

Buying through myNeosurf account

One of the ways to deposit funds into a Neosurf account is online through a myNeosurf account.

A myNeosurf account is an online portal where bettors can deposit funds and view their balance and transaction history. The account is free, but users must be aged 18 or above. Identity verification is only required to increase the limit for both deposits and spendings.

Neosurf accepts Mastercard and Visa credit cards and most debit cards. Funds can also be deposited through bank transfers (SEPA) and crypto-currency options.

Neosurf funds can also be topped up through one of their many online partners like Topmeup, beCharge, topengo, among others. Unfortunately, you currently cannot deposit through Paypal.

The deposit limit ranges from 100 € to 30,000 €, depending on the account type and deposit method. This can be achieved by providing extra details, documents, or consecutive deposits.

Topping up with cash

The first thing to do is to find a Neosurf retailer in your area. Neosurf vouchers are available at convenient locations like gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, internet cafés, and other establishments with a Payzone sign.

There is also a Store Locator on their website that can be used to find establishments in your area that sell Neosurf vouchers. Choose the correct details to get results for legitimate Neosurf voucher points-of-sale.

How to make a deposit with Neosurf
Making a withdrawal with Neosurf

Making a withdrawal with Neosurf

The biggest drawback that stops most bettors from choosing Neosurf is that there's a lack of withdrawal methods, as is the case for most prepaid payment methods.

Most bettors prefer that their winnings be withdrawn using the same method they deposited in for safety, security, and simplicity. However, those who choose to use Neosurf need to find a different way for cashing out their funds from Neosurf bookmakers.

The best option right now to make withdrawals with Neosurf is e-wallets, like Neteller or Skrill.

One other option is to withdraw your funds through your bank account, but it has its drawbacks.

Bank account withdrawals apply a 1.5% fee. There's also almost a week of processing times, which sounds bad given that deposits can be made instantly. Another downside of bank account withdrawals for some is that with this method, betting histories will no longer be private.

Bettors can also cash out through their Neocash Mastercard, which is Neosurf's physical plastic card, with a 2% fee per withdrawal.

You can also withdraw your winnings back to a myNeosurf account. To do this, simply choose the myNeosurf withdrawal option, enter your Neosurf account details, and choose the transaction size you want.

It may take some time for withdrawals to push through since most services will do legitimacy checks to ensure the fund's safety, which usually takes no more than 24 hours. Once these checks are completed, the funds will land on the Neosurf account almost instantly.

Making a withdrawal with Neosurf
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