May 7, 2023

Top 4 Football Betting Winners of All Time

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Football is among the most straightforward sports to bet on, with regulated sportsbooks offering countless competitions and markets. However, sometimes you may need more motivation as you search for a big payout in football betting. So, this post lists and discusses the top four football betting wins in recent times. 

Top 4 Football Betting Winners of All Time

#1: Steve Whitely - £1.45 Million

In 2011, Steve Whitely, a 60-year-old (back then) horseracing fan, was hoping to win just a few pounds after staking £2 on a nine-leg football and horse racing ticket. This was all that Mr. Whitely needed to trigger the life-changing payout. Interestingly, he won the jackpot after backing relatively unfancied horses.

He explained:

“It’s difficult to say how I came up with my selections. At first, I had two in each race and that was going to cost £32, so I scrapped that.”

#2: Daman Chick - £1 Million

In 2016, Daman Chick, a kitchen fitter, collected a £1 million win after placing a wager on Portugal’s Ender to net the first goal in their Euro 2016 final against France. Betting on a regulated sports betting site in the UK, the Birmingham native had predicted the goal to be scored in the 84th minute, although the striker scored in the 109th minute. 

#3: Mick Gibbs - £500K

Mick Gibbs, a roofer, and a persistent soccer fan, won a £500,000 payout after staking a parlay bet in 2001. The Manchester United fan needed Bayern Munich to win the European Cup for his 15-leg parlay to sail through. Bayern recovered from 1-0 down to beat Valencia, a Spanish side. Surprisingly, Mick Gibbs had won a £157,400 accumulator bet in 1999. 

#4: Anonymous Punter - £585K

The 2015/2016 English Premier League season was among the most surprising in the league’s history. During this season, Leicester beat Arsenal and won the coveted trophy. Many wouldn’t predict the outcome, but one anonymous bettor staked £20,000 on the club to win the league with odds of 5000:1. The bettor went on to win £585,000 from this unfavorable bet. 

These are some of the luckiest football bets in the game’s history. But it’s vital to remember that sports betting is primarily luck-based, as no team is guaranteed to win a match. So, bet with a strategy and don’t stake more than you can comfortably lose.

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